Frequently Asked Questions

We sell wine! By the bottle or glass. We also host events, parties, socials, and wine tastings. One of our more interactive products is our handcrafting wine kits. You pick the wine, make it, we ferment it, then you come back to bottle and keep it!

No, our wines are specific to our store.

No, all of the wines available in our kits are available to purchase right off the rack!

Depending on your kit of choice, it can yield between 27 to 30 bottles of wine.

Yes, the kits are sold as a whole.

Unfortunately, because the wine you are making needs to ferment, it will be a few weeks before you can take it home. However, we do sell bottles of the wines from the kits already made and ready to go home with you.

Three in total.  Start your wine by turning the juice into must, then you return to add any products like clarifiers, stabilizers, corn syrup (to sweeten), or sugar (to increase the alcohol content). Your last visit will be to bottle, cork, label, and shrink wrap your wine.

Sugar is what ferments and turns into alcohol during the processing period of your wine. If you keep adding sugar to attempt to sweeten it, it will just ferment and add to the alcohol content. Corn syrup will not ferment, which is why it is used to sweeten the wine.

After your first visit, there is a two-week standard fermentation period in which the wine ferments on its own, before it is ready for any additives. Your second visit will be scheduled after this two week period. The last visit is scheduled after the wine is ready for bottling. This can vary depending on the wine chosen, and can be another two to six weeks before bottling takes place.

Depending on the wine chosen, anywhere from four to eight weeks from start to finish.

Clarifiers, clear up the color of the wine. For instance, a white wine like Chardonnay, will initially look the color of chicken soup during the initial fermentation. Clarifiers are added so that it becomes more and more clear until it becomes the color of Chardonnay by the time it is ready to be bottled.

Stabilizers are used to prevent your wine from re-fermenting, spoiling or containing excess proteins. These can ruin the taste of your wine, and all of your hard work!

Bentonite is a type of clarifier that is used to begin the clarification process.

Wine kits range from $84 to $200.

Yes, we charge a $50 processing fee for the fermentation process plus the costs of the bottles, corks, and custom labels. The wine kit and the processing fee are charged at the first visit and bottling costs are charged at your last visit which can range from $95 to $120 before tax.

Absolutely! Even if you gave some of the bottles away, you could still reuse the ones you did have and purchase only the additional bottles you needed. You can also leave the labels on if you are making the same wine or if you want to try something different, the labels are easily removed. No soaking required!

Specific gravity is the ratio of the wine to the water. It is usually a measurement taking during the wine making process. The specific gravity of wine should range from 0.990 to 1.120. If your specific gravity is too high, then add more water to lower it back down (water’s specific gravity is 1.000). If your specific gravity is too low, then you may need more fermentables.

The first month is $25 with a recurring $26.74 ($24.99 membership fee plus tax) monthly charge. The membership is designed for two people (you and your spouse, friend, sister, or mom) and it includes a free gift of two custom etched Southshore Uncorked wine glasses, a complimentary galls of the featured wine at each wine club social, and two bottles of wine per month.

We also host monthly socials and encourage our members to come and enjoy our free, catered event to try a new featured wine.

Yes, we are able to book parties on location. We will even help you with food, music, and wine choices. Our party options are completely customizable. If there is something you would like to do, just ask and we will see if we can make it happen!

Yes, we also host business meetings and events, meet and greets, socials, and other fun public events. Open Mike Night, Girls Night Out, and Jazz Night are just a few of the evets we offer. Check out our calendar of events for all things fun at Southshore Uncorked.

Our labels are fully customizable. We have a designer that can help with the graphics, or if you have a .jpeg image of the design you want, all you have to do is email it to us. We can personalize the labels for Mother’s Day, holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. We have a number of business that order personalized bottles to provide to their clients or guests, so adding a logo or business design is no issue.