Steps to Tasting

So you want to learn a little about wine…

There is a ton of information about wine on the internet. We have done a little research and brought it to you.

We have put together a few pages of interesting information for your reading pleasure. Take a look at our ‘Wine Tasting Steps’ page if you want to know more about how to host a wine tasting, how to participate in a wine tasting or just want to know what a wine tasting is.

We have also put together a fairly extensive glossary of wine terms for you. While putting this glossary together we learned a lot about wine. For instance, did you know that ‘noble rot’ is a term for “a beneficial mold that grows on ripe white wine grapes in the vineyard under specific climatic conditions?” Who knew that mold could be a good thing in wine? Some of you may have known that but it was new to us.

Also, the ‘rule’ about holding your wine glass only by the stem?… not really necessary. They say you can hold your glass by the bowl and cause no harm to your wine because it takes a while for your body heat to warm the glass and glass isn’t a good conductor. You would most likely have the wine drank before it gets too warm to enjoy.

I’ve heard it said that you should only drink white wines with chicken or fish… not true either. Learning to pair your wine with foods and cheeses is covered in our pages about red and white wines.

Have you ever noticed there are different shapes and colors of wine bottles? Believe it or not, those shapes and colors have significance. Check out our page that tells you a little bit about it.

We hope you enjoy the information we have gathered here for you. Keep coming back because we plan to keep adding information as we learn.

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A fun idea to try… Tasting with food

Wines are very enjoyable alone, but they can often be more enjoyable with food. In the real world we drink wine while eating.

So, here’s an idea, consider holding a wine-tasting party with food. Make it a potluck. Have your friends bring a bottle or two of wine and a food item. Tell them to bring anything they would like to share.

Maybe make it a party with a theme from a certain country, like Italian wines and Italian foods or do a tour of German cuisines with world Rieslings, or regional American food with American wines. The combinations are endless.

Before you begin, take a few small sips of each wine to get a sense of the wine before you eat. Then pour a few more small sips from each bottle and compare with the food. See what you find out–the results may surprise you. A wine that tasted deep and delicious as a sipper by itself may turn out to overwhelm one dish. It might be perfect with the next.

This sort of tasting is fun, and it’s also useful. Next time you’re having, say, Eggplant Parmesan for dinner, you’ll remember how well–perhaps to your surprise–the California Cabernet Sauvignon paired with it at your wine-tasting party.


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