The Purpose Behind Inspecting, Swirling, and Sniffing Your Wine

We’ve all seen it done on TV, someone pours themselves a glass of wine, stares it down (or rather up, with their white cabinets as a backdrop), then gives it a little swirl before tasting it. Sometimes they even throw in a little sniff at the glass. But why would you swirl or sniff your wine, or is it just something wine drinkers do? Believe it or not, there [...]

Does Temperature Actually Matter When Serving Wine?

Is certain wine supposed to be served at specific temperatures? Can the temperature of wine really affect how a wine tastes? Yes! It is true that the temperature of wine can affect its smell and taste which is why certain wines should be served cold while others should be served a bit warmer. Becoming a wine connoisseur, or just ensuring that you have the best experience every time you [...]

15 Rules for Perfect Food & Wine Pairings

Looking to make the perfect meal for the perfect someone? Or perhaps you wish to treat yourself to a decent meal. Maybe you enjoy wine and food alike but don’t want to clash flavors but wish for them to complement one another? Whatever your reasoning, follow this 15 wine and food pairing rules and you’ll be sure to knock it out of the park everytime. Pinot Noir is great [...]